Freedom and Awareness is a Portal for Meditation and Conscious Living.

As a society, we are afraid of facing our own mortality. However, it is in examining the certainty of death, which empowers us to find the wisdom and strength to transform our own lives as well as society for the better. Meditation brings us in touch with the impermanence of our fleeting experience as a human being. By stopping and consciously perceiving the phenomena in both mind and body, new perspectives and life plans open up, previously inaccessible. As our consciousness grows, freedom can unfold.

– Andreas Frickinger

Andreas Frickinger


Starting in autumn 2016, I will offer several meditation courses. For example, I’m planning to offer MBSR-courses on a regular basis. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, in case you have any questions in advance.


I write about creativity, meditation, my work as a hospice caregiver and about the art of living a conscious life. From time to time, guest authors publish their writings on Freedom and Awareness.

Thoughts & Poems

Poetry is a wonderful form of communication, as it speaks to the whole of our experience as a human being. In this section, I share thoughts and poems, I have written over the years.


What inspires me to live a conscious life? In this section, I share inspiring books, websites, videos, documents, meditation instructions, experience reports of meditation retreats and much more.

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